Darling, you've always looked  good in melancholy, but tonight I need you naked for me Relax and just let me  cut down your walls and  caress your folly  Tonight, we take your pleasure  seriously. Ricochet your orgasm  in my hand. The music of your soul  now in my field of vision Tap into that maple … Continue reading Seriously 

Shower Scene 

“The water’s warm,” she calls from behind the curtain. She’s facing the wall with her back arched under the stream. Vern heads for the bathroom with caution in his steps.  He lingers in the doorway, wide-eyed, admiring her soapy silhouette. Her first visit to his apartment and she’s already naked and wet. Vern licks his … Continue reading Shower Scene 

Map My Body 

I want your chaos in my veins, your darkness in my mouth  My heart, it beats for you  like maybe I breathe  by having oxygen  flow throw my blood  instead of through my lungs Symmetry to asymmetry  Your touch reforms my anatomy So kiss and lick my body Gerrymander me a new me: The Ultra Sexed … Continue reading Map My Body