Ashes of Men

We look at each other  with a ruthless lust... I can't  promise you anything, but  could my tender touch for  one night be enough? I've  seen you on your knees, but not for my pleasure. You've  called me a goddess, though you only see me at my leisure You haven't seen me in action Aroused … Continue reading Ashes of Men


I surf cacophonies of bliss You roar beneath my kiss  I shift mountains with my gaze You merge avenues and days I bleed confetti from my fist You write my name in spit

Let Her Drown

Blindfold her with butterfly kisses. Let her drown in your mouth, one atom at a time. Breathe thunder into her ears Let her surf the tip of your tongue Watch her grin worry-free and wide as you sink fingers into flesh igniting volcanoes inside her chest.